Для тех, кому в лом #2: правильные ответы на входной тест iStock Photo.

1) Files downloaded from iStockphoto (including yours once you pass this test) are offered with a royalty-free license, which describes how the image can and cannot be used: –> TRUE

2) iStockphoto images are downloaded under two different kinds of royalty-free licenses: our “standard use” license, which allows for all kinds of commercial, personal, and editorial uses, and our “editorial use only” license. –> TRUE

3) All recognizable faces in images with the standard use license require a model release, including those in crowds: –> TRUE

4) Logos are acceptable in wide angle photographs under the standard use license: –> FALSE

5) Any visible logo should be removed in royalty-free stock photography.
Identifiable design marks, such as the 3 stripes for Adidas or the Nike swoosh, are allowed in images under the standard use license if the name is removed: –> TRUE

6) Landmark buildings such as the Sydney Opera House require a property release to be used in images offered with the standard use license: –> TRUE

7) Famously recognized buildings and modern architecture may require a property release. Questionable buildings should be researched prior to uploading.
A model release is required for a self portrait: –> TRUE

8) The photographer can witness their own Model/Property Release: –> FALSE

9) A simple snapshot is acceptable; iStock does not require quality in composition: –> FALSE

10) It is acceptable to protest a rejection in the iStock forums: –> FALSE

11) It is acceptable to copy the composition of another photographer`s work –> FALSE

12) Photographs should be upsampled or interpolated to the maximum XXL size: –> FALSE

13) 1st photo sample: –> COMPRESSION

14) 2nd photo sample: –> UNACCEPTABLE

15) 3rd photo sample: –> UNACCEPTABLE

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