Cello is worser than trumpet [Ten Minutes Older: The Cello]

1) Bernardo Bertolucci (segment "Histoire d'eaux")
Idea is good and clear, but artistically absolutely flat and poor. 

2) Mike Figgis (segment "About Time 2")
So-called modern art with deep intellectual connections? No, just schizophrenic  multi-cam raving mess. I am indisposed to solve "hidden" mystery of this video clip.

3) Jiri Menzel (segment "One Moment")
Memoirs of old womanizer.  More close to ART, than previous episodes.

4) Istvan Szabo (segment "Ten Minutes After")
Charms of family life or how to murder your husband in 10 minutes. No emotions.

5) Claire Denis (segment "Vers Nancy")
Highly intellectual talks about migration problem, and about people with different mentality and world disposition. No comments.

6) Volker Schlondorff (segment "The Enlightenment")
Mixed feelings. Standing aside from other episodes. And this is GOOD!
Conclusion: Don`t plan your life, make it flow.

7) Michael Radford (segment "Addicted to the Stars")

8) Jean-Luc Godard (segment "Dans le noir du temps")
Interpreted as random thoughts. Different moods with no change in music theme though.Stupid. 


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