Review on American History X [in English]

Looking to the quantity of reviews on IMDB site and how they distribute between "love it" and "hate it" i can definitely say that 70% is a white man, and 30% black ones.

I don't care about these love&hate's and think that this movie shows to us that there is no difference between man with different color skin. Everyone is equal. Who thinks in a another way looks pathetic and rather poor in mind.

Racism is a thing that was inculcated by politicians, to play their dirty games, earning enormous amounts of money on wars and misfortunes.It is a control-manipulating stuff. Don't you understand this?

Skinheads, anti-skinheads, any other social communities somehow connected with skin color questions looks quite amusing and useless. But in most cases, people are dumb and they have to believe in unexisting things, just to feel better.

This is how i feel about that subject.

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