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Your modern smartphone or phablet drains your battery way-too-fast? You are tired of irksome lags and performance bottlenecks. You hate the fact, that you can't uninstall huge amount of manufacturer's preinstalled bloatware. 

You are in luck, because here, i will patch you up with essential advices to keep your portable device run multiple days in a row without any performance issues in an easy manner.

First off all, you must beat out all existing crap from your precious Android smartphone. 

0. Get access to admin rights. In other words, your device must be ROOTed. There are many ways to do this, just google the topic and choose your own solution.  Here is two methods for instance: method #1 and method #2.

1. Get rid of original firmware. Stock firmwares often come quite overbloated. There is a bunch of great alternatives to stock software, such as: CyanogenMod, AOKP, MIUI. They are slim, speedy and contain less junk.

2. Uninstall redundant applications. Yes, even optimized ROMs have some traces of bloatware. You can do this with the help of Clean Master. Try not to ruin operating system. Though, in latest versions of application there is function, that can prevent deletion of important system files. 

3. Install Battery Doctor. Energy saving stuff. When you lock your device, all non-whitelisted applications will be terminated immediately. More of that, utility can decrease your CPU frequency to the bare minimum, for super economic power consumption. All these tweaks can be enabled in program's settings.

4. Install Pixel Battery Saver. Extreme power saving tool, which can greatly decrease consumption of AMOLED screen, by physically turning off some cells. However, this operation reduce overall resolution and turn display into pixelated 8-bit game. But i pledge, that puter nerds will love this feature. Low mesh level setting is the most pleasant to look at. Don't forget to whitelist Pixel Battery in Clean Master and Battery Doctor whitelists.

5. Turn off all auxiliary options, that are not essential for device operation for current situation. Such as: WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, Sync, 3G Mobile Data and so on and so forth.

6. Don't use animated and 3D backgrounds for your desktop wallpaper. Uninstall all useless decoration related software, that affects the looks of your phone.

THE RESULT OF THESE TWEAKS: Samsung Galaxy SIII with installed AOKP v 4.2.2  [stable] keeps running about 4 DAYS IN A ROW. That's quite good for full-fledged smartphone.

BASIS PER DAY: one film, two hours of music listening via earphones, one hour via external passive speakers, few voice calls, one-two photos, some internet surfing and chatting. For instance, Samsung stock ROM under above-mentioned conditions can survive only about 70% of ONE DAY

Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Leave your thoughts in comments below the post.


Иди и смотри....

....а если быть точным и не кривить душой: не иди и не смотри.

Фильм о войне? Или как? Не знаю как Вы, но я ее атмосферы ниразу не заметил. 

Заметил вот что: бессвязанный сюжет, слабые актеры [а если быть верным, то скорее еще более слабый сценарий], отсутствие какой либо идеи,  за кадром психоделический эмбиент. Главное, все это требует почти двух с половиной часов вашего личного времени. И да, за героев фильма не переживаешь: они не живут.

Видно, что режиссер хотел снять что-то из разряда экстра-ультра-вычурное, не имеющее аналогов. Да, местами неплохие съемки и относительно прогрессивный саундтрек [опять же местами], но в целом, получился бесформенный уродец. 

PS Не нужно было выпендриваться и просто снимать какой-нибудь треш-хорор, это самое близкое к чему стоит этот фильм, раз на нечто более реалистично-худождественное не хватило запала [или не стояла такая задача].